суббота, 4 января 2020 г.

The lantern for 2020 from Giulia

Happy new 2020 scrappers!!!!
I hope you had the wonderful & very funny parties with your friends & family.
I passed my holidays cleaning the house. During the year I had not enough time for it.
Today I am showing you my lantern 2020.

I have read that in the Chinese horoscope this year is the year of the white metal mouse. I decided to make it withe the silver embossing & white decorations.

I used the Fantasy die cuts to make the flowers. The Fantasy products that I used are following: "Пуансеттия 1""Распущенная роза", "Папоротник 3".

My elder daughter likes it very much & wants to have it in her room. I am very glad to make her happy.

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