воскресенье, 15 декабря 2019 г.

Christmas box for sweets by Giulia Carisio

Hi scrappers! Have you seen the new challenge in the Fantasy blog?
I am sure you liked all the ideas that the designers offered you.
I like this time very much. It is so interesting & funny to serach the gifts for all the friends & family. But the most incredible part of the holidays for one scrapper is to prepare the packaguing!!!! Here you can use all you fantasy & all the Fantasy products!!!!!
Today I want to show you a Christmas box for one friend of my daughters. We will put inside it the sweets & chocolates.

When the sweets will be finished she can use this box for something else: beautiful female jewerlies, greeting cards or something other. I hope a lot that she will like this littele gift & it will make her smile for a long time.

Like usually I want to show you the products that I used: "Папоротник 3", "Ажурная роза 2", "Распущенная роза".

And you started to prepare & pack your gifts?
Folllow th Fantasy blog & we are sure to inspire all of you for the great ideas!!!

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  1. Мммм... Очень вкусный рождественский короб)) И фоточки сложить, и конфеток насыпать) Спасибо за вдохновение!