воскресенье, 22 декабря 2019 г.

Recycled boxes from Giulia

Hi everyone! Are you ready for the holidays?
All the gifts are made & packed? I hope they are.
Using the theme of this month I prepared these packed for the sweets using the metal boxes of the cat's food. We have 3 wonderful cats so every day there is a new empty metal box. I clean them & use in the different modes. This time I wanted to use like like a pack for the Christmas sweets. The boxes were cleaned & coloured. After I combined a lot of different elements to decorate them.

Of course I used the Fantasy's die cuts and chipboard too: "Ажурная роза 2""Распущенная роза""Фоновый 1453"Never before I used the roses in my Christmas projects, but this time I did it & the results suits me very much.

What do you think about this more of recycling?

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