вторник, 17 сентября 2019 г.

Autumnal inspiration from Giulia

Hi everyone! I am Giulia from Italy 
Today I would like to show you my photo frame made on the autumnal mood board.
I like the colored time of autumn very much. The days are still sunny, the nature is full of the different colors. It is very beautiful period. Every year we go with my family to the park near our village to make photos. The park is on the top of the hill, very cozy & beautiful. If the day is sunny the photos are incredible.

This time I wanted to make a photo frame for the photo of my daughters made in that park. I found one frame bought in the shop & covered it by the primer, green color & yellow powder for embossing, the same was used to cover the chipboard with lantern. Then cut different leaves, added the berries & finished with the orange glass drops. I really hope you will like the results.

 The Fantasy die cuts & chipboard that I used are following: 
Папоротник1  и Папоротник 3

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