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Card with inside panels by Sand Art

Hello, I'm here today to share with you on how I made fancy fold card with inside panels.
From the outside point of view the card looks quite traditional, but inside... surprise! 
Four-panel fold, each panel with different decorations. 
So, are you ready? let's get started!

First take a piece of white cardstock - A4 size.
Next cut the cardstock at 10,5 cm x 29,6cm and then fold it in half
so the card base have 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm.
From the other part of cardstock cut 4 pieces - 10,5 cm x 7 cm.
From patterned paper cut:
4 pieces - 10,1cm x 14,5 cm
and 4 pieces - 10,1 cm x 6,6cm to decorative.

Next step: take wide satin ribbon, center and adhere it on the back side of the decorative paper
 and all adhere onto cardstock base.

Take 4 cardstock pieces and place as below picture shows.

Adhere four different decorative card panels (each a little smaller than the four main, white sections) onto the satin ribbon and onto four slightly larger mats [white cardstock pieces].

The final result it's present on photo below.

Second step: decorate front side of card.

The final effect of the card design from the outside point of view.

Third step: decorate inside panels.


I painted the chipboard using the white paste and green acrylic paint.

Next,  I applied distress inks and at the end I added white ink to create the lights shadows.
As a last step I sprinkled glitter onto it and decorated by paper die cut outs.


 Fantasy Dies and chipboard Used:



Here are more photos of the card:

And gift box for my fancy fold card.
Decorated in such a way as my front side of card (horizontal position,
with cut papers elements and Fantasy chipboard).

Fantasy chipboard was cut on half . I used white embossing powder to cover it.

If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to hear it!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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