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Vintage Mixed Media Tag + Tutorial by Dutt Preety

Hi friends! Hope you are having a great day :)
For today's post, I've created a Vintage Mixed Media Tag- "Relic".
I wanted to create a vintage, old wall with moss and rust with a beautiful vintage photo of a lady and floral elements on top of the old wall.
I've used some gorgeous Fantasy Dies & Chipboards on my project.
I've created a Step-by-Step Pictorial of the process :)

Step-by-Step Pictorial:
Step 1: Apply Heavy Black Gesso to the large sized MDF tag.

Step 2: Mix Light Paste, White Sand Texture Paste and Heavy Black Gesso to create a DIY Grey & Gritty Texture Paste and apply that through a Bricks Design Stencil.

Step 3: Apply Rust Pastes and dry brush heavy white gesso to create an old and vintage looking wall effect.

This is how the textured wall looks like at this stage- old, grungy and vintage.

Step 4: Apply a few metallic waxes to highlight the textures and add some shine.

Step 5: Apply metallic waxes to some die cuts (cut using Fantasy Dies).

Step 6: Colour some die cuts (cut using Fantasy Dies) with Distress Inks & Distress Oxides. Apply colour unevenly and with touches of brown as we want a vintage, worn out look.

Step 7: Layer all the elements (coloured die cuts, Fantasy chipboard, a vintage photo with frame, gauze & quote chip) and adhere them to the tag using a strong glue or matte gel medium.

Step 8: To create additional interest, shine and texture, add moss powder, art stones, mica flakes and glitter to the tag using soft matte gel. In the end, create white ink splatter.

More photos of the Tag:

Thanks a lot for your precious time :)
Stay Blessed

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