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Mixed Media Handbag Alice in Wonderland tutorial by Phoebe Tonosaki

Hey there, today I have a tutorial for you for Fantasy Dies DT.
It is a MDF handbag with Alice in wonderland theme.

so here is the MDF handbag before I started.

I primed it with Rust paste brown color in random area.
It will make the colors darker and more ancient afterwards.

since the MDF was a very smooth surface.
I also added some paper paste in other area to add more texture.

after dried, I started adding colors with Lindy's gang blue and green shades.
Squirts - Loonie Toonie Teal/Banff Blue
Spray - Mad Hatter Mint

now we can add paper die cut made with Fantasy Dies!
the list of what I used is at the bottom of this post!
I added hardboard in between layers of the paper die cuts.

on the other side, I also added colors to the white paper die cuts.

Here is the finished piece!! 👌💘💘

do you love how it turned out?

I used:

Thank you so much for the love!

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