четверг, 14 ноября 2019 г.

Christmas album with Giulia

Hi scrappers! Giulia with you.
I am sure that all of you have seen the new great project about the Christmas album.
Like all our DT I decided to take part this project & this time I want to create our Xmas album in the box. What do you think? Someone of you tried to do it? I will be happy to receive your opionions about this idea.
Ok, today I will show you the box.

I used the semifinished wood box & covered it by different materials for mixed media.

I cut a wool hat & used it like the base covering it with the flowers, pine cons, glittered stars & berries. The flowers are made with the Fantasy die cut. I used their chipboard too: "Надпись Winter 1566", "Новогодний набор 1611", "Елочная игрушка шарик 1580", "Средние пузыри со звездами 299"

 I hope a lot that it will be enough beautiful & magic like the Christmas!!!!

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