четверг, 7 ноября 2019 г.

Planning board with Giulia

Hi everyone! I am Giulia.
Today I want to present you  my new project.
As I am a veru busy mummy who works all day long & have many duties during every weekend I must plan many things in my life. I sign all the commitments of my daughters, different visits to do, payments to pay & many others. One day I understood that I shuold to plan our meals too. In this mode I must not thing about it every day.

Of course a scrapper can not buy a usual planning board, we prefer to create it. So here you are the resul of my creation. Now it is on the wall in our kitchen with the list of meals for all this week.

I hope you will enjoy the result.

Challenge of the month "Самодельные цветы".

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