четверг, 28 ноября 2019 г.

Christmas cards with Giulia

Hi scrappers! I am Giulia
Finally i started to create the greeting cards for Christmas.
Every year we present them to all our friends & family. I like also to make the best wishe in the schools & sport groups of my daughters. So I must have a great quantity of the cards. It is better to start their creation in great advance. But like usually I have nno time till the end of November.

Today I want to show you a little master class about the gretting cards using the die cuts of Fantasy: «Новогоднее окно 852», "Пуансеттия 1", "Еловая ветка + шишка", «Прутиковый веночек 3 круг».

You need 2 sheets of white A4 cardstock & 2 sheets of scrapbooking paper. Of course all the materials that you prefer to use in Christmas projects, glitter & white acrilic paint. I hope you will like this video.

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