воскресенье, 8 августа 2021 г.

СП "Сочное лето" 4 этап: разворот от Dorota

 Hi, it's Dorota!  

Are you curious about the next pages of the album in the joint project "Juicy Summer"? I hope so!  

I still stay on the theme of the summer garden. 

 At this stage, we were going to use a pocket or an envelope. I hid the pocket under the flap.  

I also used a few obligatory themes. One of them is stitches. It's easy for me, because I sew around all the pages in the album. 

 I was also supposed to use a tree theme. It appears on the button and on the boards of wooden pots.

Paper flowers appear in my album on every page.  

Here and there I glued pieces of lace to fill the composition in an interesting way.

 I used:

I wish you a creative day!

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