суббота, 14 августа 2021 г.

СП "Сочное лето" 5 этап: обложка от Dorota

 Hi, it's Dorota!  

We are approaching the end of our joint venture "Juicy Summer". It's time for the cover today.  

My mini album is square with a side of 16 cm. I couldn't make the cover composition too rich, but I managed to get a little bit there.

Some of the mandatory elements of the project should have been used on the cover. So I used a lot of leaf-shaped chipboard and colored them with metallic paint. 

 I added pieces of torn cotton to spice up the composition. 

There are also paper and foam flowers, as well as leaves. 

I've stick a thread of sisal in between.  


Hope you liked my cover and I look forward to seeing your versions!  

I used:

I wish you a creative day!

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