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СП "Сочное лето" 1 этап: разворот от Dorota

Hi, it's Dorota
It's time to start the joint project called "Juicy summer". Are you excited? Because I do! 
I prepared the first two pages of the album. 
My album will be about summer gardening. On the first page I used a graphic of a car with a photo on a trailer. 
I decorated its upper part with rich flowers. 
There is a spacious pocket underneath. 
On the other side, I used a small photo frame. 
Around it, I built a composition of flowers and animals that can be found in the summer garden.
I glued the frame to the flap, which is closed with a magnet. There are two side pockets for photos under the flap. 
On both sides I used a few obligatory elements: metallic ornaments with golden wax, which are most visible on dark paper. 
Golden graphics on the leaves brighten the project, and pieces of the old book add variety to the project.

I used also chipboard
Цветочная баночка 1998

 I hope you like my pages and invite you to take part in the project.
I wish you a creative day!

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