четверг, 8 июля 2021 г.

Dress boxes

 Hi, it's Dorota!  

Today I invite you to see my new gift wrapping project. I created little boxes in the shape of dresses. 

The box is not large, it's 10cm high. 

 It is multifunctional! It can be a candy box, a thank you for the arrival of guests, as well as a card whose wishes are put inside.  

The box is tied at the back with a ribbon, which closes it. 

I decorated the boxes with foam flowers, pieces of lace and pieces cut out of paper.  

I used:

Мини сухоцвет 977


Завязочки набор


 If you have other ideas for boxes in unusual shapes, show them in the comments. 

 I wish you a creative day!

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