среда, 30 июня 2021 г.

Как я это делаю: Photo frame (фоторамка)

 Hi scraplovers it's Aleksandra Ziomek here again!
I come today with youtube tutorial. I create frame with 3D photo, details you will find in the youtube movie. I had this project somewhere in my mind while ago however I wasn't sure about the colors and I changed it 4 times :) I really like gesso. When you cover all the surface with it you can start all over again and I was doing that. I used mint color that fit the background of the photo and ad flowers on the corners. As it is a little men composition I ad some cogs here and there.
 I kindly invite you to watch the movie...

I used (click on the photo to see it in the shop)

Take care and be safe!

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